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The Hangzhou Blossom Water Museum Hotel (Hangzhou Baosheng Shuiboyuan Dajiudian) is located by the Qiantang River in the Water Museum area.Rooms in this 5-star Hangzhou hotel feature superior amenities. Each room and suite offers a private balcony and French window from which guests can enjoy views of the garden and river.

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住客评论 516条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • Alvs12
    Many things are not open
  • wangsong527
    A very good environment
  • RexLu
    All right
  • E02035749
    Zambia Zambia Zambia
  • songbl
    Meets Yoga lovers met, was more than not, upgraded suite catering can improve would be better
  • real_lufeng
    Facilities, sanitary conditions are good! is too far away from downtown Hangzhou.
  • fs_jenny
    Which is very nice
  • e05129112
    Location, in Xiaoshan District, near the dust, hotel facilities good, room is OK, bathtub and shower, some of the hotel activities such as fishing, vegetable harvest was good, but the hotel's barbecue is a mess, to get the kids to eat less health, overall nice.
  • sinocentury
    Hotel is very good, staff very friendly, location is slightly, to drive, then you can recommend, as we drive, go out and play a little inconvenient
  • solomonlam
    Very comfortable and beautiful resorts, still here next time
  • linpei196038558
    Hotel facilities good, its environment or remote location, own car trip easier, but the so-called parent-child facilities and the hotel gap
  • gen5188
    Which is very nice
  • carren_j
    In addition to location slightly, and hotels and the facilities are very good, recommend!
  • ladymei
    Hotel environment, facilities, services, restaurant was good
  • jessicanadia
    Very good, very satisfied, clean, environment good, convenient, close to schools, service attentive, would often visit later.
  • e02381870
    Hotel Nice is a bit bias
  • caoselen
    Very good
  • famyuu
    Water Bo Park next, around environment is good, is quiet, but no commercial facilities, only several by University, traffic inconvenience, best since driving. hotel in Lake side, hotel garden landscape good. room big, price also is is high of. Hotel II floor in the restaurant almost didn't people, is quiet, a floor of buffet General. for family parent-child, next water Museum worth a see.
  • linda wang
    Exterior and Interior overall is OK, it is worth mentioning that, each staff is very polite, very good value, stay when there are staff send in your fruit bowl, it's wicked.
  • jasminjmy
    Nice hotel with a very good environment, traffic convenient, in particular, the air is super nice, also a lot of ancillary services, swimming. SPA and all that perfect, breakfast variety is one of the few drawbacks.
  • a6002173
    Nice hotel, good hardware!
  • e00827502
    Service was bad really not to
  • aerolus
    Very good, environment, will stay again.
  • gulin38gulin38
    Hotel location, in front of the hotel such as the roads surrounding the logistics warehouse where road shops complex. Weekend specials to attract a lot of people, coupled with a Conference reception in some circles, but also, because of the crowd, we booked a room full, rose suite for us. Grand Suites, but entered the room smell may and rainy days, or less. a toilet but matter-of-factly, bathtub looked afraid with showerThe water is relatively small. Hotel worthy of the external environment, there is a Museum of water beside because CHICK IN night, the water Museum closes early, didn't go. but from the window of the room down there to observe, to visit the people scarce, estimates are inadequate. Overall, inconsistent and 4 and a half stars, 3 stars, but the price was 4 and a half stars price, a little overrated.
  • floraume
    Second addition to location points are very good
  • Lindon
    Very good sanitary conditions are very good very good service very attentive and very intimate terrace
  • lovada
    Booked a family suite, room is big and really big, with a big balcony. hotel location, room facilities are good, the range., breakfast staff were very friendly, sending fruit well. all in all three satisfied. hotel location is suitable for self-driving tour.
  • eTravelee
    The environment is great! super good service! facilities around is not keeping up
  • crisitiano
    Beautiful water Garden Hotel, location very suitable for self drive, breakfast is simple, we have nine dishes are basically no value is not high
  • neoluoyu
    Nice hotel, MM at the front desk were very friendly, hotel is very new, and very quiet, the air is good. hotel has a garden, you can bike, walk, room was very large, free upgraded room type at the front desk, very satisfied
  • donatellajing
    Very clean, very good
  • liliu99
    Hotel was good, location, is the room cleaning is a bit slow
  • billnan
    Third went to two days, very large room, breakfast very poor, dirty pool water. much as is service with a smile but is not in place, obviously capacity are not up to such a large passenger flow.
  • muran888
    Very good hotel, children had a good time. has a good lobby, there is a delicious breakfast in the morning, is rich in content. There is also a small playground for kids room.
  • biotc
    Environment is good, next time
  • e02451226
    Nice hotel, location was relatively, the service and the rooms are very good, price is fairly high
  • bwfbwf
    Nice hotel, holiday travel well, but lack of surrounding facilities
  • laofu803
    Hotel location is very convenient, downtown far. suitable for all day soaking in the resort.
  • tianpinonly
    Hotel facilities and services are very nice, Executive room, King size, two bathrooms, living room, large balcony, good scenery out of the window and the Tower, take a taxi but I do not, with drops of taxi calling orders several times and no car, go to the airport, you need to make the hotel concierge to help make cars go downtown, and fares are expensive
  • Troyes
    All right
  • audery419
  • milycool
    Aspects can also be
  • dunan111
    Hotel environment. location a little out of the way.
  • fengyuana
    Location is so remote, quite far away from the airport, room environment
  • babyflowermm
    Twin bed room was large and very clean, 2 bed can be combined into a King size bed. Breakfast is very good, very friendly. But less hotel of late varieties, taste is not very good, needs to be improved. Hotel children's playground and swimming pool good, kids had a good time.
  • ansun1215
    Around a quiet environment
  • e04778451
    Special room ... well
  • liuliusixsix
    All right
    Hotels geographical location is a point, do not drive it really inconvenient, urban car rather than to ... But the waiter was very friendly, especially the baby, cleaning lady is also very active, friends conveniently leaving his underwear on, aunt helps him wash. ... HA HA HA HA
  • enidtang
    A little too far