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Hangzhou Blossom Water Museum Hotel is located on Shuibo Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, near the Xiaoshan Higher Education Park. The hotel is about 7 kilometers away from Qianjiang Second Bridge (Pengbu Bridge), Qianjiang Six Bridge (Xiasha Bridge), and about 2 kilometers east of Qianjiang Eight Bridge (Jiubao Bridge). It is a supporting project of China International Water City and has been listed Xiaoshan Tourism 1010 Project.

The hotel has more than 400 rooms (sets) of various landscape rooms, each room has an ultra-wide balcony, floor-to-ceiling windows, and panoramic views; it is one of the larger conference resort hotels in East China, with banquet halls, conferences There are 14 halls and multi-function halls, with a large pillar-free multi-function hall that can accommodate 4,500 people for dining at the same time; more than 1,000 parking spaces are convenient and fast; the fitness center is equipped with indoor temperature-controlled swimming pools and fitness equipment; restaurants with different styles and sizes The different meeting rooms are the best place for you to hold various large-scale meetings, parent-child sightseeing vacations, wedding banquets and weddings.

The hotel covers an area of 112 acres. It integrates river view, lake view and garden view into one, which recreates 'people walking on the road, fish swimming in the water; boats on the river, geese singing in front of the boat; grass growing in the water, fruit The fragrance is on the branches; the frogs are singing in the fields, and the birds are playing in the clouds. 'Quiet in the middle of the noise, move in the quiet' is the characteristic of the hotel, but also the best choice for your vacation.
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  • e00112091
    Should say surprise, in this relatively remote place, there is a hotel. free up boutique, impressed the Chinese food is very good, seafoods were fresh
  • NANA0888
    Service excellent and very user friendly.
  • Brother-in-law
    Location is a bit remote, very good breakfast, leisure is excellent!
  • sfa_forseti
    Third went to two days, very large room, breakfast very poor, dirty pool water. much as is service with a smile but is not in place, obviously capacity are not up to such a large passenger flow.
  • mimiwawa
    Really will not be live, dare to call themselves the star hotel, play out his car, called the front desk, at first said no, then have to charge $ 40 bucks, but gave results wrong destination, spent money without waste 2 hours, almost delayed business.
  • orlye
    Environment is good
  • liangliang2009
    Hotel is very good, is a little, good service
  • IrvinJiang
    Nice ... went after upgrade to Lake view rooms, room and facilities very good. but the front desk staff treated guests to ask questions without patience, catering can also be. overall.
  • smile_xuan0820
    Too bad early. 1766 room there was something to affect traveler's body.
  • aixs2010
    Room is very big, good clean
  • e01990060
    Slightly. transport is not convenient
  • cacydale
    Environment is very good
  • Pepys
    Rather, the ecological environment so worms has more, others in whole or in
  • Tigerman
    Parent-child activities are very experienced and can play for 2 days.
  • Bigbeibei
    Was is himself to Xiaoshan Zhejiang built hospital exam, on way with wife children with to play, to has built hospital area found there was on like country has, dirty! but didn't thought apart only two km of this hotel is let people front a bright! hotel around environment is beautiful, has Lake, has Tower, has Villa group, parking what also very convenient. front desk service attitude is good, help we put senior Studios upgrade to administrative Studios. room is big, the some are has, also has a is big of balcony... Only thing is where the cleaning staff a little bit sloppy, simply clean up the left, did not pay attention to some details, for example, used cups doesn't wash and change ... but overall was good, next time there will choose to stay at this hotel.
  • POI probe
    To said hotel service good. most directly of reflected is here staff of kind smile and greeting, this in domestic hotel does is rare of. hotel is located in is remote, but is quiet, room also enough big, compared for holiday rest. coincides with the has groups Conference activities, but restaurant single points service also is is in place, also is satisfaction. didn't caught up with more offers of parent-child package, or price should better.
  • mimi87921
    Nice car but does not prevent
  • anne0221
    Good customer feedback
  • miowoo
    All right
  • a12879915
    Bad service?
  • jiangtailai
  • ronnyduan
  • mxj0192
    Parent-child activities and violently, buffet tasting not two points
  • liuteng
    Rather, breakfast, others can also
  • lucine0214
    A beautiful environment. Praise.
  • JoeLee2008
    The hotel staff are very warm, rich parent-child activities, outdoor barbecues, great atmosphere at night, if we can further improve room hardware would be better.
  • Papayama and
    All teams, remote, room bathroom is leaking, TALK BIG!
  • abbysu
    Nice hotel, cost-effective, met the Group guests was upgraded family room. is the beautiful Lake outside. restaurant taste good, fewer guests, the service is good ... nice
  • btyanglin
    This hotel is really good. good reception. big room and toilets Super. breakfast good. ask their friends to play in the future, choose this hotel
  • bn110
    Location, meeting accommodations, usually far more.
  • maleni
    Very general, not to go back.
  • fj9221
    Environment is very good, room very nice
  • xdjian
    The environment is better. health is not particularly clean
  • cuicui20060606
    It wasn't too bad
  • abbaxx2000
    All right
  • Alvs12
    Many things are not open
  • wangsong527
    A very good environment
  • RexLu
    All right
  • E02035749
    Zambia Zambia Zambia
  • songbl
    Meets Yoga lovers met, was more than not, upgraded suite catering can improve would be better
  • real_lufeng
    Facilities, sanitary conditions are good! is too far away from downtown Hangzhou.
  • fs_jenny
    Which is very nice
  • e05129112
    Location, in Xiaoshan District, near the dust, hotel facilities good, room is OK, bathtub and shower, some of the hotel activities such as fishing, vegetable harvest was good, but the hotel's barbecue is a mess, to get the kids to eat less health, overall nice.
  • sinocentury
    Hotel is very good, staff very friendly, location is slightly, to drive, then you can recommend, as we drive, go out and play a little inconvenient
  • solomonlam
    Very comfortable and beautiful resorts, still here next time
  • linpei196038558
    Hotel facilities good, its environment or remote location, own car trip easier, but the so-called parent-child facilities and the hotel gap
  • gen5188
    Which is very nice
  • carren_j
    In addition to location slightly, and hotels and the facilities are very good, recommend!
  • ladymei
    Hotel environment, facilities, services, restaurant was good
  • jessicanadia
    Very good, very satisfied, clean, environment good, convenient, close to schools, service attentive, would often visit later.