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Hangzhou baosheng Shui Bo Yuan Hotel (Hangzhou Blossom Water Museum Hotel), Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Water Museum Road, Xiaoshan High School Park, situé près de Qiantang River, China Aquarium Park.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Le coeur est équipé d 'une salle de bain thermostat et d' équipements de gymnastique; des restaurants et des salles de conférence de différentes manières sont les meilleurs endroits pour organiser de grandes réunions, des voyages d 'enfants en vacances, des mariages.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.
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  • ggggg00
    Surroundings, rooms
  • myggff
    Quiet and comfortable
  • Cindylf
    Business meetings, hotel facilities, is the location a little far. to the West Lake is not convenient.
  • ewan1973
    To the wedding guests staying at this hotel, suitable for car, location, navigate to find. from the Lake by car 45 minutes. staff very good, breakfast not much, but still.
  • FlyGO
    Facilities are good, prices are not very expensive!
  • JaneWL
    Very good
  • curry33
  • stella870731
    Good management, good environment, high-grade
  • e00009245
    Very nice hotel highly recommended!
  • dongli
    Free upgrade of the room, very good
  • famillepeng
    Bathroom has footprints, tile Shang has Qian guest of cigarette, called service personnel clean didn't to. location too partial has, only in Hotel dinner entertainment, around didn't what, desolate. air conditioning wind too big. breakfast good, just children to received 68 Yuan some your has. around landscape good, has a water Museum. night bathtub water has problem, to repair has, should also can. furniture should is mahogany, is about, bed also good.
  • coalabb
    In addition to a bit, everything else can!
  • ericlai
    Room was large
  • Mary Mym
    Hotel occupies a large and can accommodate many people. national day holiday many people stay for a long time. Museum of water is good, room a little taste, facilities good. USB plugs are imaginary. overall feeling of affordable, good.
  • abbaxx2000
    All right
  • ldc770
    That's good
  • dreamdiy
    This check in 1617 and 1618, is this hotel minimum of 2 rooms, really do not know why the hotel arrangements, 1617 room must not stay, a bad smell, aroma hotel room service to order, this isn't working, it was smelly much
  • mirandayao
    Conference Hotel, no service facilities around can only be resolved in the hotel, out of taxis is not convenient, suitable for driving
  • Dengcb
    All right
  • babyxin0126
    Location, but the air is good, service is warm, but there is still room for improvement. breakfast ... room was very good.
  • FM8888
  • iceberg523
    Too biased, estimate was inhabited until the meeting, buffet and few choices, and less than clean, modest.
  • ylxlxl
    Nice hotel good location is the only bad one
  • mxj0192
    Parent-child activities and violently, buffet tasting not two points
  • elva0410
    Very good of hotel, typical of holiday type hotel. hotel location is find, Xia has II bridge to East 10 minutes of car drive on to has. Hotel appearance is atmosphere, environment is leisurely, different Yu town of star hotel, let people relax mood, for holiday holiday. lobby in hotel of II floor, since driving of can directly put car open to II floor, waiter are is enthusiasm, various carefully thoughtful of service, set of is Park King big bed room, because guest love more busy, hotel directly help I upgrade into administrative room,Very satisfied. the facilities of the hotel are fully equipped, gym, swimming pool and a pool table, and so on, anyway, the stay was very satisfactory, and will stay again next time ... highly recommended.
  • lovelyly
    Free upgrade to suite, clean room, because we have the drive, so the location of the problem is resolved. overall well-
  • soulnancy
    Rooms are large, suitable for family holiday, children prefer, more remote, near the very underdeveloped.
  • joanna_jin
    Hotel room is very large, very nice, good facilities, good hygiene. Nice, only relatively far from the city center, transportation, car, rest and relax at the hotel is a good choice, travel inconvenient without a car, taxi or to charge you a return fee, air fares and so on.
  • lmx1988001
    Very nice hotel, the atmosphere, very clean, we are the day before the Ching Ming holiday hotel, very few people, breakfast is just the four of us, but not because there are less poor people, many things, the daughter said she had a lot of fun, Lake, vision is also very good, because of the car, so he can be, but the restaurant is not the best, need to be improved
  • e02381870
    Hotel Nice is a bit bias
  • dd698102
    Overall good
  • Adaccv
    Good facilities, great value at this price!
  • oyyoyy
    Hardware, the surrounding desolate
  • crossover
    Free upgrade to a family suite, spacious rooms, good breakfast ... next time will choose
  • e01515874
    Facilities, reasonable location too far
  • purexi
    Lot is on the children's lack of new ideas, front desk staff should be welcoming smile, the hotel management should be improved, cost-effective!
  • Errrrrrrrr
    Spring Festival time to go, it's worth taking children to play. is the location of some, not many places to eat around.
  • fj9221
    Environment is very good, room very nice
  • battlesnow
    Surrounding area very well, next to a big Lake may be the water Pavilion Lake also has around a 10-story tower, room sight good, facilities and decoration in General, most of the staff were very friendly.
  • aaronyong
    Very good! friends loved it! very nice. quiet air. Airport near! will choose this hotel again next time.
  • annico
    This hotel not General of partial, but behind that what water Bo park landscape also is is good of. due to hotel has a a MLM company of Assembly, make of do staying procedures delay has fast a hours. due to this MLM company meeting people too more even restaurant are can't business, near recently of hotel distance hotel 1.5 km. night those do MLM of in their of room meeting, kept of applauded, shouted slogan, toss died has
  • jp1025
    Well, times have moved.
  • gubujian
    Car just stopped immediately on has luggage health came help I mention luggage, a into hotel Hou lobby waiter immediately welcome up with I to total Taiwan do procedures, and enthusiasm to for I for hotel introduced, has been sent I to room. room is big, facilities equipment and health are quite in place, also gift has fine fruit and gift, I and friends is pleasantly surprised. to dining Shi, a out door immediately on get waiter of concern, led we to electric elevator mouth, and told restaurant of location. whole dining processReceived great attention, the service was very helpful, dishes are also very delicate. hotel is great, up along the Lake in the morning round, it feels like the person is easy ... this trip really made me feel what is value for money, would stay at this hotel again.
  • axxbxx
    Rather, in Xiaoshan District, but if driving is very nice place, quiet, near the water garden from the balcony of the room you can see glass Tower, room facilities very good. the temperature of the swimming pool is also very good.
  • donglian30211
    Facilities good, service could be improved, but from a price/performance perspective, beyond the expected ~
  • gelei
    Room was good, for the price, but met for the first time to get a pair of slippers will not, unfortunately,
  • alvin0706
    Take your family on a holiday, great hotel, the price is not expensive, the surrounding environment, but the overall feel-good, particularly praise the restaurant wearing glasses the waiter, very polite
  • sunny_mm126
    Apart from the slightly inconvenient location otherwise very good recommend
  • mtxlll
    Very nice hotel, suitable for conferences
  • legendme
    Hotel facilities good, the environment is also good is the location, if not drive, very convenient