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On June 28th ice near hangzhou huanglong extreme ice world

Date: 2014-06-05

Hot quietly came to hangzhou city, whether you are looking for a cool and refreshing summer resort? Hangzhou huanglong sports center ice sculpture gallery for the hot summer to build a world of ice and snow. You can fancy himself in the cold of the north, you can also watch ice sculptures, playing slide, pushing curling... Hangzhou huanglong extreme ice world let your fantasy into reality, with his family to experience a different world!
Huanglong extreme ice world ice sculpture exhibition booth in hangzhou huanglong sports center north square sculptures pavilion, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, covers an area of about more than 1200 square meters, hangzhou's largest indoor ice sculptures as amusement venues, stay about five degrees below zero, the museum all ice sculpture works from the "city" Harbin ice sculpture master hand. In 2014, the continuation of the classic and a new upgrade, first introduced ice sculpture works in Russia, the United States, South Korea.
All kinds of ice sculpture works full of surprises
Ice sculpture museum "drop" hundreds of pieces of ice sculpture works, with extremely has the characteristics of the north polar bears, penguins, the northeast people, etc., also have we the famous west lake in hangzhou, water reflected the jiangnan landscape. Not only have to show the shenzhou and culture of dragon boat, small pavilion, winding, journey to the west, such as more foreign beautiful guinness castle, and brave soldiers standing in Portugal. Of course, there are local engraving - hangzhou pavilion. Works by three-dimensional sculptures, show the scene at the same time, in hangzhou also makes the three-dimensional proudly blooming lotus in huanglong speed of ice and snow world.
There is also a land of the children's favorite cartoon fans. The pavilion there are a lot of snow and ice fairy tale: baldheaded stronger watchtowers, polar bears, bears), ice age, pleasant goat... All work and sound, light, electricity blend together to shock your senses with the children. The children also can close to enjoy cartoon image, feeling the ice world of all kinds of games, is really fun!
Can't get enough light enough?
Hundreds of meters high speed ice slide the play
Within the colours of ice and snow heaven, ice is not the key, without the boundary points of the age, adult, children amusement happy is the most important. 108 m speed tip big slide, make you screaming all the way, chang shuang in the end! Slide the game feel true north scenery, unique speed, let you experience the shock "frozen" in the history of rail track, in the ice and snow travel freely, feel the speed and passion!
In addition, the speed too, children BingHuaTi, mini curling, maze adventure, time travel, bicycle on the ice and snow ski resorts such as interactive entertainment projects, all kinds of amusement hi turn full! Interactive entertainment project, a large number of the southern rare color ice Mosaic and level with a tripod and LED light source, against the lifelike ice sculpture art, as if place oneself in the crystal clear, colorful in the world of ice and snow.
Come on! Don't succumb to the relentless sun; Come on! In fact the summer also can so refreshing! Just now to bring family feel true north scenery, feel were shining brilliantly colourful world!