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Hangzhou before June 28694 sell 28694 sets of inventory

Date: 2014-07-03

The last in the first half of 2014, the pace of the housing market of hangzhou have increasingly heavy. A contrasting phenomenon is that last one star of common building five centuries, pin set of large single phenomenon, can't see this year. Each building highlighting, opening day sell dozens have been fairly good.
Although the volume is not high, high-end luxury and commercial real estate represents a percentage in the clinch a deal, just as the market has quietly changed...
At the same time, hangzhou commercial housing inventory has been climbing the 130000 mark, at this time last year, about more than 90000 sets, increase more than forty percent a year, is also a calendar year. The housing market, go on.
The housing price for quantity
Outshine others difficult to reproduce
As of June 30, in downtown hangzhou on commercial housing 12676 sets, and xiaoshan yuhang, 28694 sets. The main volume ranks the fifth for eight years, and than the previous two years, down about 4 as much; And clinch a deal for all of last year than 42513 sets, only for 3 into less than last year.
In February, beihai park, the first letter, in the tian hong shaughnessy emergency followed, which makes the two buildings have become the winner in the first quarter, clinch a deal the beihai park is more achievement in the first quarter of the city is decreasing. After the regional plate and price cuts or Ming or dark.
From the point of half a year to clinch a deal a cycle list, there are several obvious characteristics. The first characteristic is that the housing market from "one" to "fragmented". From the point of transaction volume list this year, and no one phenomenon, like last year, country garden, xixi Washington, riverside shore plot pin five centuries of oversized "cow", this year did not appear. From the first west lu, pin out of a total of 318 sets, the fifth vanke brand to accept bay 292 sets, only difference between the set of 26. It also illustrates the market difficult. The second characteristic is that the first five list, Olympic sports center three seats occupied. Olympic sports center is currently sold in a total of three units: the green city of xu hui, longhu chunjiang shore and lime waterside pavilion in the spring, all on the list, and took two, three, four.
According to our reporter, "boom" of the Olympic sports center, in addition to the price factors, the housing prices than the bridge over the huangpu river, the three phase of qianjiang new city the price of 40000 yuan/square meters lower half, attracted a large number of urban housing.
In addition, binjiang west lake of shimao and vanke brand to yue wan also followed suit. In fact, it has to do with two buildings has cut prices. The relevant person in charge of shimao said the cheaper housing model and location are worse than the original, so the price also made corresponding adjustments.