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Hangzhou: preserving historic buildings by the science and technology Implementation architecture "turn"

Date: 2014-11-05

Historical building protection across the country is an emerging of exploratory work, not only policy, mechanism of precedent less, technology limited experience also can be used for reference. In recent years, hangzhou bao bureaus, policy research, from the technical research, books data management innovation launched a number of research topic, a lot of achievements, the most basic thing is by conducting research, constantly enhance the level of historical building protection and in better complete historical building protection work at the same time, as the industry has accumulated rich and valuable research results, and set up the industry in the country to sample.
To carry out the scientific research project Improve protection skill
In recent years, hangzhou bao bureaus research three years action plan, etc, by constantly summarize and deepen the historical building protection and improvement of dilapidated, enhance the level of professional and technical and innovative ability. At present, the historical building external wall and decorative surface repair technology research, old building wall moisture technology research and historical building tectonic activity of hangzhou, hangzhou historical building value evaluation system research project has been completed.
For traditional process is difficult to grasp, traditional craft and new material is difficult to combine, in 2012, hangzhou live guaranteed housing agency cooperation with tongji university launched the "historical building external wall surface repair technology research" scientific research project, and explore the traditional craft and new material, new process combining effective way: for water brick walls, exposed aggregate, terrazzo, dry hair sticky stone, cement and cement mortar (lime) and other kinds of historical building external wall surface, formed a set from the field of exploration, analysis of laboratory test, the construction at the site to complete protection effect evaluation, the repair process. The project of the province and the national historical building external wall surface repair has positive significance, and hangzhou in zhejiang province was listed in 2013 construction and promote scientific research projects.
Live protect bureaus of hangzhou also launched the "old house wall moistureproof technology research", combined with an engineering example test and analysis, in view of the main cause of the wall wet to carry out the research, the focus is on groundwater capillary rise inside the wall blocking measures, so as to explore a set of suitable for hangzhou in the south of the Yangtze river and may promote the use of wall body moisture technology. The project work for wall moisture accumulated valuable experience, to ensure the safety of the old house wall to improve the durability of provides the technical support.
Innovation technology Implementation architecture "turn"
In addition to enhance protection techniques, hangzhou living protection bureaus also continuously explore, innovation, has formed the one whole set with hangzhou characteristics, in line with the local actual measures for the protection of historic buildings. Through the adjust measures to local conditions, discrimination, classification guidance, protection of historical buildings and the city of organic update protection was divided into multiple levels.
Such as lakeside estate historical building protection project, by adopting international advanced technology, a large number of detailed repair, not only better repair the historical style and features, internal also update rationally according to the function of boutique hotel, improved the safety of structure, heat preservation and heat insulation performance, water and electricity facilities, fire early warning capability. After repair, protect the lakeside estate in the fifth China best design hotel in won the award for "best historical inheritance and protection".
Also like in complex protection engineering, or in accordance with the principle of the integrity of the historic buildings authenticity, style, and the traditional craft and modern technology of combining the repair policy comprehensive repair regulation: on the one hand, slope roof, facade of historical buildings, walls, floors, entrance, signage in accordance with the original style and features, in areas such as the original structure of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, similar protective repair technology, comprehensive and historical buildings in a recovery or historical style and features and spatial pattern; With CCA, on the other hand, through the double wooden partition plate, traditional tile roof add thermal insulation layer, double floor filling sound insulation cotton, the broken bridge type double insulating glass aluminum alloy series of measures, such as imitation wood Windows and doors under the premise that keep the original style of the historic buildings, try our best to improve the historic buildings of the ontology waterproof moisture-proof, sound insulation, noise, heat insulation performance, in terms of the effective protection and sustainable utilization of historic building has a new breakthrough.