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Hangzhou five New Deal to promote university students' employment will open online store subsidies of 5000 yuan

Date: 2014-12-10

By the end of the year, hangzhou will be out of the New Deal to promote university students' employment entrepreneurship.
A "about to further promote the implementation of the ordinary university graduate employment venture opinion (draft)", is the city government portal (www.hangzhou.gov.cn) online hearing, hangzhou university students' employment entrepreneurship policy for the multifaceted, wide range of modified and perfected. Free you might as well have a look, have any opinion and the suggestion can also surf the Internet to participate in, as of November 5.
There is a special "ground", also particularly exciting - after degree certificate of returned students of college graduates, as well as the professional qualification certificate of senior mechanic school graduates, will equally enjoy the employment of university graduates entrepreneurship policy! Technician college students, of into's fourth yearat hogwarts can equally enjoy college students employment entrepreneurship related policies!
The regulation make hangzhou employment policy system more perfect, also reflected the hangzhou's emphasis on skills and training.
The new one:
College students' self-employment tax deductible
Hold "employment unemployment registration certificate" (mark "" self-employment tax policy or attached" certificate ") college graduates self-employment graduation year college graduate, engaged in individual manage (graduation year means that year January 1 to December 31, similarly hereinafter), according to each household every year 9600 yuan within three years, in turn, breaks the actual should pay business tax, city maintenance and construction tax, education expends individual income tax of additional, local education, additional and. Time limit for the policy implementation on January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2016.
The New Deal 2:
Small assure loan plans to implement a full discount
Within 3 years of hangzhou urban students graduated from college students and college graduates, engaged in individual businesses or start a business in city, drive more than three people of hangzhou urban household registration between urban and rural areas and the unemployed or underemployed college graduates from the school students in employment, pay social insurance premiums in accordance with more than one year, to 2000 yuan a year to create more employment opportunities subsidies, subsidies period of no more than 3 years, the money is listed in a special fund in employment.
Hangzhou entrepreneurship for college students, can be in accordance with the provisions, apply for less than 300000 yuan on guaranteed small loans, discount dynamics will be from the original 50%, increases to implement a full discount. Of partnership, but also increasing the loan amount.
The New Deal 3:
Urban students college students open online store
5000 yuan in one-time business
Business network is an important direction of hangzhou college students entrepreneurship. Hangzhou will also promote business network as an important fulcrum of entrepreneurship to create more employment opportunities.
Comply with the relevant conditions of hangzhou university students online, can consult individual ginseng protects management approach and the pay cost standard, attend worker is basic endowment insurance, workers' basic medical insurance, inductrial injury insurance, birth insurance, unemployment insurance five social insurance, also can attend worker is basic endowment insurance, the worker two social insurance of insurance of primary medical treatment, and in accordance with the provisions, enjoy guaranteed small loans, employment difficult personnel undertaking free sponsorship, self-employment subsidies and social insurance subsidies, one-time drive employment rewards, online business training and other support.
Among them, hangzhou students to open the shop according to the provisions of the employment registration and payment of social insurance in accordance with the law, you can also obtain 5000 yuan one-time start-up assistance.
The New Deal.
Flexible employment of university students
Can get a 300-300 yuan a month social insurance subsidies
Hangzhou students graduated from the underemployed college graduates from the school year, part-time and temporary employment in the unit of choose and employ persons, pay social insurance premiums in accordance with the law, give them 300 yuan per person, per month (including 400 yuan per person, per month) families social insurance subsidies, subsidies for period of no more than 3 years.
The New Deal 5:
One-time employment subsidies to increase to 1500 yuan
Since 2015, the urban and rural low-income residents, orphans and disabled graduation year college graduates one-time subsidies, such as the standard from the current 1000 yuan to 1500 yuan per person. In hangzhou urban registered unemployed students families college graduates and the employment difficulty of college graduates, temporary living subsidies, standard is one-time 1000 yuan.