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8 next year to open new kindergarten in hangzhou binjiang start "in the future kindergarten class"

Date: 2014-12-21

Last week, hangzhou qiantang chunxiao kindergarten is much more than a dozen unfamiliar faces, constantly asking, kept in memory. For kindergarten Jiang Yiqiong, they are all old acquaintance - binjiang, preschool education industry elite, now is a member of the binjiang, kindergarten class "wild goose", director of the candidate in the future. It is said that the purpose of their visit, is to learn in class, to learn how to manage the kindergarten, how as a director.
Binjiang new kindergarten class "wild goose" of the education bureau, the most direct reason is the need of reality. Has expanded quickly in recent years, binjiang, kindergarten, every year there are new kindergarten, next year and plans to open 8 new kindergarten, is need a large number of new director.
District education bureau party committee Fu Tianjian said at the same time, forming a "class brought wild goose", but also to binjiang, preschool education development needs. In common people into the park needs further expansion, nearby the studious intention under the background of more and more strong, excellent management team and teachers team construction work is more urgent. Has the outstanding director of the idea of management, is one of the key to improving the quality of kindergarten education, so the director candidate the need for professional practice in the future.
Class "wild goose" now have 24 students, binjiang, from the kindergarten, have just employed a new director, is more of a deputy director, under the age of 35, has the potential to reserve talented person. Them into AB two classes at ordinary times, take turns to go to the kindergarten in the area to inspect, follow the nook and cranny of director to visit the kindergarten learn best practices.
Although no experts led at ordinary times, but the future director candidates study together, to share experience, giving play to the role of peer mutual aid, but also can absorb the successful experience of the kindergarten in this area, the equivalent of, is standing on the shoulders of giants.
In chunxiao kindergarten qiantang week, for example, not only have the thoughts of kindergarten, farm culture exhibition, advantage project communication, garden management observation and learning activities, there are also many community project director in the future not only to communicate with the teacher teaching concept, but also with conservation of aunt conservation experience exchange, even with the canteen chef know meals arrangement. "Because for our kindergarten, every job is important, not only the teacher, every conservation aunt, chefs, and even security is an important part of the pay close attention to." Qiantang chunxiao the kindergarten Jiang Yiqiong experience, let the director very fruitful in the future.