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O MuErSun visit hangzhou bay wetland It is animals under state protection (category ii)

Date: 2015-01-05

Zhejiang online on November 5 - (qianjiang evening news reporter Zou Hongshan) at the end of October and early November each year, as the weather turns cold in the north, flocks of migratory birds began migrating to the south. Ningbo hangzhou bay area of 43.5 square kilometers of tidal flats wetlands, upcoming year blockbuster "migratory birds".
These days, the life of the hangzhou bay wetland park: tall reeds, "pattering" sound, carefree swim out a group of ducks, small black spots, or chasing paddle, or snuggling, or his head under the wings of heating. Looking out, you will be able to recognize the green wings, works with duck, duck, inflate diving duck...
Suddenly in the jungle, flew into a bird head slightly larger, ducks are near detours, appear very fear. A bird friend with lens a sweep, this is not a MuErSun o animals under state protection (category ii).
O MuErSun, also known as the east is red feet falcon, Yu Sun form orders falconidae, like red feet falcon, but flying white underwing coverts, is its mark. Body length of about 31 cm, gray. Legs, abdomen and hip brown, breeding from Siberia to north and north, northeast of China.
The national geographic website have special report on it, it is estimated that the birds migrate every year through India, died in nagaland mountainous area of the hand of the hunter, MuErSun as many as 120000 to 140000. At present, the Indian animal protection organizations is through a variety of ways to stop this vicious behavior.
Moreover, this kind of birds migrate orbit is very special, equivalent to over earth drew a large oval. For hangzhou bay wetland, it is a sight for sore eyes.
Hangzhou bay wetland relevant controller introduces, most recently, plovers dunlin birds migrating south peak, wild ducks, egrets'll stay here in late march and early April. In order to let more people understand the migration of birds, the museum also installed around the migratory birds 42 high-definition real-time surveillance cameras, convenient visitors in the museum by remote sensing, computer control the camera to see migratory birds inhabit your life status.